Governance at SWITCHhub

SWITCHhub has a strong governance behind the scenes. We are proud to have the main control elements of the governance in place from the initial phase of our platform.

Let us have a closer look at the five pillars of the governance of SWITCHhub:

Five pillars of the governance

Guidelines board: The Board has members from customers, service providers and SWITCH and meets at least twice a year. The board discusses, assesses and sets the rules for the following domains: general rules, marketing, service levels, legal, technical, procurement, security, reporting, and controlling. Proposals are reviewed, refined and voted until a joint agreement is achieved. All previous meeting protocols are available on the portal of SWITCH. Please contact us, if you are interested in joining our board. We will be happy to assess your eligibility and onboard you to our discussions.

Contract framework: SWITCHhub has two set of contacts, one set towards the service provider and the other set towards the customer. If an organization is a service provider and a customer at the same time, they sign both sets of contacts to cover both roles. All the academic services on SWITCHhub sign the SWITCHhub’s service provider contract set. Commercial services have mostly their own contact framework as mandated from the providers. These frameworks are reviewed by our procurement team and provided to the higher education institution community. It is an ongoing task of our team to stay on top of all contractual agreements and maintain them.

Service onboarding criteria: To ensure quality and transparency, we assess all services towards the following criteria before we onboard them: Who is the target customer? Where is the service infrastructure and storage? Who are the involved subcontractors? Are the “Service Terms and Conditions” published? How is the data protection compliance and GDPR?  Is a security policy and contact defined? How is the service performance monitored? Is service capacity and continuity assured? Is the service agile? The findings are captured in our database.

Service Level Agreement: We provide a Service Level Agreement template for assistance purposes and ensure that the relevant points are documented and communicated. Our current SLA types are as follows:

SLA typesAvailabilityGuaranteed operation timeResponse time optionsSupport time optionsMTTR
Bronze95%5/9Best effortBest effort
SLA types

Most of the academic services are at bronze or silver level. Most of the commercial services are at gold or platinum level.

Service portfolio management: SWITCHhub’s service portfolio includes all services at all lifecycle phases: identification, preparation, design, implementation, transition, release, operations, and phase out. Once the service is operative, it will be included in our platform reporting. The service maturity is tracked as part of the service level agreement.

Please reach out to us, if you are interested in exchanging information with us about governance elements and best practices.

Your SWITCHhub team

Author: Evrim Bakir

I work as Service Manager / Product Manager within the Cloud Service Brokerage Team at SWITCH.

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