How did your team stay creative during home office?

As the pandemic seems to have somewhat been brought under control in Switzerland, offices are slowly but steadily opening their doors to their employees again.

Being creative in the home office has sometimes been a challenge in our team and also going into the future where a flex work mix will probably be the case, this topic will not grow old. Therefore, we find it important to be able to interact creatively together no matter who is in the office and who isn’t.

We found a great possibility of tackling various topics with the tool MIRO, which launches via the browser. If this was braining storming for presentations, discussion our Sprint Retro or having a quarterly status overview – multiple meetings have been supported by MIRO.

Having the video feature built into the tool meant we could video chat and work in the same browser window.

How did your team stay creative? Leave a comment to let us know, or reach out to us via e-mail. You can also contact us if you’d like to have a short intro to MIRO or if you have any questions.

Disclaimer: No personal, client or company data was shared within MIRO during our sessions.

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